Introducing ROES Online Ordering System!

Perfect for professional photographers who want full control of their images
and the flexibility to create and send orders online, at their convenience.

Main Window ColorTech offers a full range of products and services. Products are divided into catalogs that are designed to accomodate the photographer's needs. We currently offer REPRINTS, SPECIAL EVENTS / SPORTS, SENIORS, UNDERCLASS and PROOFING catalogs.

Open your images in the thumbnail window. Choose a layout from the sizes menu. Crop and zoom, pick quantities and more with the pro tools. Select options and services from the options menu, and add the layout to your order. You can save your order at any time. When your order is complete, you can review it, make changes, and upload it to the lab.

There is a minimum $8.00 order total for each order uploaded.

Photographers can:
  • Change the crop and rotation of images
  • Convert images to black and white, or sepia
  • Add text to wallets in a variety of font types, styles and colors
  • Order retouching or artwork
  • Specify mounting requirements
Size Options Window Image Options Window Cropping Tools
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REQUIREMENTS:  You should have a minimum 500MHz speed processor with 256MB RAM and the latest Java Runtime. If Java is not detected, it will be downloaded as part of the installation process.   Any Java capable system can be used, so Apple OS X 10.3 or higher, Linux, and all current versions of Windows will support the application.   Java is available from Sun in Windows or Mac OS X formats.   Be sure to maintain enough free drive space to build, save, and retain order files.


  • When you click the download link the ROES system will check to see if you have the required version of Java installed on your computer. If you don't, it will download it. When prompted, click YES to install Java. It's a large download and only happens the first time you run the application. When it is downloaded the Welcome dialog will appear. Click on the NEXT button. This will bring up the Java Licensing Agreement. Click the YES button to proceed. It will prompt you to choose where to install Java, offering a default path. Click the NEXT button or select a path and click NEXT. The next prompt is for which browser should be the default. Select the browser you intend to use and click the NEXT button. The necessary Java components will be installed.
  • The ColorTech ROES application will launch. Whenever the application is launched, it verifies that you have the latest version. If you don't, it will download it. Since this is the first time, it will need to download it. It is fairly small and should download quickly. When the application has been downloaded it will request unrestricted access to your computer and ask you if you want to allow the application to run. Unrestricted access means that the application will be able to read and write files to your computer. It is necessary for the application to read your image files and save your preferences, so click on the Start button to launch the application. When asked if you would like to create shortcuts to the application. Click YES. From then on, you can simply double click on a shortcut to launch the application.
  • Call ColorTech at 412-782-2233 and we will give you an account number to enter into the My Information window.
  • You are ready to begin!

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